The Motorsport Market in France (UKTI/British Chambers of Commerce, 2003-2004) Example Sustainability of the Phenomenon of Motorsport Valley (ESRC/MIA)
Motorsport Going Global Example Motorsport Valley Cluster Development Strategy 2002 (DTI)
A Study of the Motorsport Industry in CSW Region (CSW Partnership, 2005) Example Wales Motorsport Strategy 2003 (Welsh Development Agency)
High Performance Engineering in Northamptonshire (Invest Northamptonshire, 2006) Example Economic Impact of 2002 FIA British Grand Prix (Silverstone/DTI)
The National Survey of UK Motorsport Engineering and Services 2000 (MIA) Example The Motorsport Market in the USA (UKTI/British Chambers of Commerce, 2002)
The USA Motorsport Market (MIA/British Chambers of Commerce/UKTI) Example The Motorsport Market in Italy (UKTI/British Chambers of Commerce, 2003-2004)
The Italian Motorsport Industry (Economic and Social Research Council, 2001) The Motorsport Market in Germany (UKTI/British Chambers of Commerce, 2003-2004)
The Motorsport Industry in Northamptonshire (Northants Partnership, 2002-2003) Cluster Sustainability in the UK Motorsport Valley (ESRC/MIA, 2003-2006)
A Study of the UK Motorsport and Performance Engineering Cluster (DTI, 2002-2003) 2013 Review of UK’s Motorsport Valley Business Cluster Example
Cluster Strategies in Local Economic Development (ESRC/RSfC)
Research into Asian motorsport and brands for a World Touring Car operation (2012)

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